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Lead with Integrity.

Demonstrate your commitment to ethical standards in your use of media and content creation. Apply now for

Ethical Content Accreditation.

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Why choose Ethical Content Accreditation?

Media authenticity matters more than ever before.

Ethical Content Accreditation sets your organisation apart as a leader in responsible content and media practices. Showcase your commitment with visible certification displayed on your website, and social media profiles.

Trust & Credibility

Brand Value

Access to resources

Demonstrate to key stakeholders your commitment to ethical content and responsible media practices.

Elevate and differentiate your brand from your competition to attract and maintain clients and customers.

Be informed with free resources, guidelines and checklists to help you maintain ethical media practices.

What we commit to

We recognise, encourage and support ethical content creation and responsible media practice. This is a non-partisan initiative that will give businesses and organisations a competitive advantage 

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What do I get?

Once you have been awarded Ethical Content Accreditation you will receive:

A dated and signed digital certificate

A Guidelines and Licensing pack

Access to Ethical Content Accredited logo assets

A free copy of our guidebook 'How To Create Ethical Content'

How much does it cost?

Our aim is for the cost of accreditation to be simple and fair. There are no joining fees, simply a flat-rate administration fee of £39 which is renewed on an annual basis.

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